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It is the Auction House in Lost Ark

Alternate accounts that are leveled can be a pain in any MMO however Lost Ark Gold In Tripod Studio and Smilegate's hit title Lost Ark, there's a solution to avoid the tedious return to the highest level with Knowledge Transfer.

If a player purchases a Knowledge Transfer with 600 gold of currency in the game the account you've chosen will be sent out for eight hours in real-time to "train." After the time is up the alternate account will be at the same level as your primary account and can run through the main storyline of that specific continent.

There are a few tasks that you need to complete before you get to use a Knowledge Transfer: You have to complete the main quest on the continent which you're currently on using just one persona. The character should be at or near the cap on level. Find your Island Stronghold, and complete the quest to gain access to the island's training zone.

After you finish up these 3 steps, knowledge transfer should be accessible for you to use. Note that when you use a transfer on an alternate account, you will be able to play that character. But, you have to wait for eight hours before you can return to the training zone in the Stronghold to claim the rewards. The character will be taken to a tutoring area, where the character will read in a book which completes the transfer. In the end, you'll be given all experience points earned from the main story quests in the continent you gave them and all basic items you have obtained from the quest.

It is the Auction House in Lost Ark is the marketplace for players which allows players to put up different items they have up for sale or trade. They can also buying different types of equipment and consumables, which other players also put up to sell. This guide will help you write down the details you need to Buy Lost Ark Gold know about Auction House in Lost Ark.

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