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Valorant Weapon Tier List - Best weapon in the game. Tier List

Valorant is a tactical First Person Hero Shooter game created by Riot Games. Even though you play as one of the many Agents on the Roster, you are primarily going to kill your Enemies with Guns. Weapons in Valorant Accounts play a very important role & with every update, the balance of power shifts between them. The game has a variety of weapons that fit certain roles like SMGs for close-range & Snipers for long-range. Certain guns are going to be better than the others.

A Tier - Great

The A Tier guns are strong but generally have a situational drawback. Some might perform better at offense or defense, but generally not both. They have less than optimal cost versus effectiveness.


The Sheriff is the go-to gun for pistol rounds, as it provides a guaranteed kill with a headshot within 30m. Be wary, though: The slow rate of fire will lose to other close-range guns if fans don't get that headshot off. Headshots past 30m won't kill fully shielded players, whereas the Marshall, costing only 150 credits more, would. The Sheriff pairs nicely with the Operator as a close-range secondary weapon.


An expensive choice at 3,200 credits. The Odin, with its high-capacity magazine, is great for suppressing enemies, multi-kills and wall penetration. The drawback of not having one-hit headshot kill potential is offset by the high rate of fire. There's not much more to say other than this is the classic "spray-and-pray" gun.


The Judge is hands-down the best shotgun, even at the higher price of 1,850 credits. It is full-auto, and it excels at both aggressive and defensive close-quarter plays. The obvious downside is that the damage falloff and bullet spread is not good for mid to long-range combat


The Spectre offers great value for its cost (1,600 credits), making it a solid choice early on. It has a very high firing rate but lower damage per bullet. The damage output is still high and it consistently performs well in close-range combat.

D Tier - Poor

Starting off with the worst, these guns are at the very bottom in the D Tier, due to not having any distinct advantages over all the other guns. They are generally seen as a waste of credits.


The Shorty has terrible range and only two shells before needing to reload, making it very difficult to use effectively. It is one of the worst buys in the game, even sporting the lowest price point of 150 credits. The Classic (which is free) would be a better choice.

Tactical Knife

The starting Tactical Knife isn't a gun and technically shouldn't be on this list, but since it can be used as a weapon, here's where it would end up. It doesn't impact base movement speed like other weapons, so this makes traversing the map a bit quicker. It also has the potential to one-hit kill with the alternative fire mode from behind, but the likelihood of this happening is very low. It should be replaced as soon as possible.

C (Average)

Judge (1,850 Creds)

Frenzy (450 Creds)

Bulldog (2,050 Creds)

Shotguns are rarely top-tier weapons in tactical shooters. Their short range means they’re worthless in most circumstances. But the Judge is far from the worst weapon on this list. If you want to defend a spike site, hold a position, or lurk behind your enemies, buy a Judge. If you find yourself up close and personal with the shotgun in hand, it will almost always come out in your favor.

If you’re trailing behind or strapped for cash and you need to find an extra round or two, there’s nothing wrong with buying a Frenzy. If you can get into the right position, it can easily score a kill. It can also be surprisingly effective in the first round of a half.

Burst fire can be a nuisance in tactical shooters, especially if you’re on the receiving end of a rush. There’s almost nothing you can do but tap your gun and hope for the best. The same can be said for the Bulldog—but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad gun. In the right circumstances, it’s perfectly acceptable to buy a Bulldog. Point your crosshairs down a lane and it could shock your enemies.


Among of the game's most specialized but surprisingly effective weapons, B-tier guns in Valorant can still succeed in some ways. These wholly non-meta weapons include the Odin, Judge, Ares, Shorty, and Ghost on our tier list. The danger they pose can easily bump your KDA up whenever you succeed in flanking the enemy team. However, they all share a serious weakness: they are all terrible at long-range firefights. Most notable is the Operator, whose increased walking spray further detering player movement, and lessens its accuracy despite its sheer damage output. When employing these firearms, hiding behind a corner and maintaining a close angle are your best bets due to their varying precision.

There’s the gun tier list for Valorant, filtered by each category. While there are pros and cons to each weapon, this list will better inform your choices as you venture through Future Earth. If you want to know more information or Buy Ranked Valorant Accounts , I recommend visit

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