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If they didn't keep runescape in line with its competitors

The god you choose will keep all armor except potions and your weapon will be safe if you select yes. Bandos gives a large hammer to you RS Gold, Saradomin gives a spear, Guthix gives a spiked shield (it is worn in the hand of the weapon, while the other holds the small sword) and Armadyl provides a sword. Only only one weapon, the demonic sword (if you have it) and no weapon has an advantage over other weapons. If you are able to pray, you'll be victorious.

Zamorak's magic attack is punching you with both fists in flames. Each fist deals 40-60 damage, but can be blocked with the protection from magic prayer. The melee attack is more common. They consist of hitting your fist with your hand, pulling a sword out and hitting you with it, as well as stomping on top of you and hitting you hard with his hammer. Protect from melee will block these.

It's not every place that is wet, but it is possible to have rain in some places. The desert will remain dry. It's odd for it to be raining outside Al Kadrid Rainy's gates. However, inside the gates, it's okay. You can make it rain more frequently closer to the gate. The further you go, the more dense the rain becomes. Another area that is not prone to rain would be all houses, buildings, castles and castles. Clear of rain would be Volcanoes and Caves as well as Mines.

Another suggestion, as mentioned earlier, could be: how difficult is it to rain, and where? Around deserts it would be a light drizzle. It could be heavy rain in the cities, and it could fall in the swamps. Thunderstorms are also cool. There could be thunder sounds and lightning flashes depending the location you reside in Buy OSRS Fire Cape. It shouldn't be too bothersome since lightning flashes are common in certain games. just adds a little zing to the game.

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